Owner/ Head Trainer

Dirranie Kirby


Bachelor of Science (Biology)

Cert III and  IV in Fitness 2010

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 2011

CrossFit Coaches Prep 2013 (now known as CrossFit Level 2 Trainer)

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (requalification) 2018

CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CCFT) 2021

CrossFit Endurance Trainer 2012

Freestyle Movement 2012

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer 2012

CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer 2013

CrossFit Kids Trainer 2013, (Current Working with Children clearance)

Australian Weightlifting Federation  Level 1 Weightlifting/Power Sports Coach 2014

CrossFit Gymnastics 2014

CrossFit Football 2014

CrossFit Strongman 2015

Evolutio Level 1 Injury Prevention and Management 2015

Precision Nutrition L1 Coach 2019

Dirranie (or D as she is know in the Box) has always been active and involved in sports.  Growing up in a small country town it was how time was passed!!

She has played sport at all levels from local, to regional, to state and international.  This has given her experience with coaches of different levels and all the different levels of fitness requirements and expectations.

Coaching has always been a passion for D, she started coaching cricket just after leaving high school and has since coached several sports.  A biologist by trade her passion lies in the fitness/sporting realm and this saw her complete her Cert III and IV in Fitness in Oct 2010 and start working as a Personal Trainer outside of her full time job.

In 2011 D was introduced to CrossFit and since then has not looked back, having always used a similar method in her own training and that of her clients the move back to functional movement and high intensity made sense to her.  She loves that there is still so much to learn just as much as she love to see the members at CrossFit Geraldton reach their full potential and become a better version of themselves.




Qualified Teacher, Current working with Children Clearance

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 2013

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer 2016 and requalification 2020

Certificate III in Fitness 2014

Certificate IV in Fitness 2015

CrossFit Gymnastics 2014

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting 2015

CrossFit Strongman 2015

CrossFit Kids 2015

Evolutio Level 1 Injury Prevention and Management 2015

Sarah started CrossFit while looking for a fitness edge for her basketball.  She surprised herself when she discovered she likes to lift weights and is stronger than she thought.  Sarah has always had a passion for working with kids and she is a great asset to our CrossFit Kids program, getting them excited about fitness and staying strong and healthy.

1) 3 Words to Describe yourself: Enthusiastic, Patient, Bubbly

2) Why CrossFit? Its always challenging – mentally and physically

3) Why Coaching? Coaching is incredibly rewarding – It is great to watch people begin to move again and realise how strong they are while conquering their physical and mental battles.  And seeing the CrossFit kids begin ( and enjoy!) their lifelong fitness journey always makes me smile 🙂

4) Favourite Workout? Anything short and fast with a barbell

5) Least Favourite Workout? Thrusters and running

6) Coaches Tip:  Be kind to yourself – Give the best you can for that day and you never know you might surprise your self! And let yourself rest and recover (moblise!)




CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 2021

First Aid

Current Working with Children

Luci was one of the original members of CrossFit Geraldton in 2012, she started CrossFit to be fit and prepared for the career she was pursing. That career took Luci out of Geraldton for several years, but on returning she re-joined us and continued her pursuit of fitness and health. Luci loves to lift heavy things, and also has an interest in working with the older population.

1) 3 word to describe yourself: Caring, Honest and Loyal

2) Why CrossFit? Because it gave me the ability to achieve in life. The ability to adapt and overcome. It has taught me self awareness and that strength extends a lot further than just what you can pull off the floor.

3) Why Coaching? It is a natural progression for me and after ten years of CrossFit I want to be able to give others what I was given all those years ago.

4) Least Favourite Workout? Eva, I still have nightmares or anything with heaps of running and toes to bar.

5) Favourite Workout? Santora, love hero WODs or big chippers with a heavy barbell.

6) Coaching Tip: Chat less, move more and care.