Session Times are:









Olympic Lifting 7.30am- 8.30am,

CrossFit Workout 8.30am-9.30am


CrossFit KIDS and TEENS

During School Term, run as an 8 week program (usually starting the 2nd week of Term)

Kids – Monday 4pm

Teens – Monday and Wednesday 4.30pm 


Kids is a FUN, challenging and socially interactive fitness program for elementary school-age children. Young athletes learn proper movements at an early age in order to foster a lifelong commitment to fitness and health.

Classes are structured to give kids progressive training in gymnastics and strength training, as well as an increase in self-esteem and confidence. Most importantly, kids have FUN! (Did we say that already?)

Our teens program is an ongoing program that focuses on maximizing athletic potential. This program is the perfect strength & conditioning supplement for middle and high school athletes looking to get a leg up on their competition.‍  Teens is also an outstanding opportunity for those not involved in sports to get a world class strength & conditioning workout that will benefit nearly every facet of their lives.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – 8.30am

Our Legends session is a coached group fitness program specifically tailored to meet the needs of people age 60 and older. The goal of this program is to promote health and longevity while maintaining independence.

Legends utilizes movements that we all do everyday, regardless of age: lift, push, pull, squat and occasionally jump and throw. These movements enhance your ability to succeed during daily activities that become more difficult as we age like, climbing stairs, getting up from a couch, playing with grandchildren and walking for an extended period of time.‍

Improved strength, building muscle mass and bone density are primary goals.